January 17, 2019
Throughout the course of a 25-year business career, Robert F. Bernstock’s term has been marked by leadership roles in many companies since 1992. It is perhaps Bob Bernstock’s impressive reputation as a man with a mind for business combined with his high level of experience dealing with corporate strategies and best practices that has led to his selection to serve on a number of public and private company boards of directors. With a strong track record in a number of important industries, Robert F. Bernstock has shown himself to be accomplished in business, with nearly a quarter-century of experience overall.

In addition, Robert F. Bernstock has been endorsed for his skills in areas such as leadership, strategic planning, negotiation, team building, organizational development, innovation, and, especially, change management, which he believes that is critical for any business. All businesses should embrace change because that is by far the best way to make any business more efficient, effective and profitable.
July 15, 2018
What a person brings to their company is their business ethics. Whether they are a leader or the janitor, the way that they carry out their assigned tasks says a lot about who they are as people. Robert F Bernstock has a few specific keys to his business ethics. The first ethic that he considers to be critical is to embrace change, the only thing constant in life in change. And the second ethic he always pursues is to guide businesses to new levels of effectiveness and efficiency. With these two ethics always outlining every task, Robert F Bernstock is able to help bring the companies that he works for to new heights.